Make 2020 Your Year!  

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“Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.” - Henry David Thoreau


Abundance is waiting for you.  If you are a female business owner who is looking to STEP UP your game and move past the six-figure mark in 2020, this event is for you. 

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OH Yoga ~ Orange, CA

Mar 21, July 10 & Oct 23

Vivian S. De Guzman, RPT, MBA

#1 Money Magnet Activator & Human MRI




As you have probably seen from your own experience, success can only be achieved if you are willing to pursue your dreams head-on. 


In fact, it has taken everything you got (determination, perseverance, sacrifice and more) to get you to where you are today. 


But your hard work is not paying off like it should, and you’re losing steam despite all of your best efforts to:

  • Work all day every day just to make sure your business is running smoothly. 
  • Juggle your family and your business, so you can dedicate time to both. 
  • Keep an eye on your cash flow to meet your milestones
  • Prioritize important business matters, even at the expense of your self-care 

If this is you, it is time to switch things up because there is an EASIER way to bring in more cash flow without working yourself into the ground. 


Please join me and 20 other business owners at UPLEVEL 2020 where I will show you how

“You are the heart and soul of your business. When you transform, your business does too."

Your business and your success are a direct reflection of what is happening inside you. 

When you are fully engaged and in touch with yourself, it is much easier to attract new clients and bring in cash flow. However, if you are allowing old wounds and blocks to go unresolved, you could be unconsciously and unintentionally sabotaging your own success.


To move forward and UPLEVEL, you must heal these wounds. You can not afford to skip or ignore this step if you want to get out of this vicious cycle of burnout, frustration and anxiety. Your business and your dreams are riding on this one hurdle.  


Here is the good news! With my help, not only can you turn this around, but you can turn this around QUICKLY to bring in money FAST. 


As a Business Intuitive and Money Magnet Activator, I have helped my clients to bring in more customers and more money in a short amount of time, without adding more work to their plate. In the span of my 27-year career, I have had a greater than 90% success rate in relieving my clients’ stress, anxiety and invisible money blocks so they can live a life without limits. I know I can save people time, energy and money by taking them from where they are to where they want to be.


Are you ready for my help? Prove it. Make the commitment to come to UPLEVEL 2020 to start your journey and change your life. 

“My oh my! She wasn't kidding when she says she is the money magnet . I have three big chunks of money come my way since and people just showing up in my life out of the blue seeking to pay me for my services! All I can say is, I believe in Vivian's magic healing talent and I feel in my gut that she cleared off the stale energy I may have had and I walked out a new woman.”

Didi Wong

Award-Winning International Speaker and TV Producer

What is UPLEVEL 2020 and

How Can it Help You?

UPLEVEL 2020 is an exclusive intimate retreat where business owners like you will create a simple 90-day strategy to manifest money with less effort and more ease. 


This is not your typical business workshop. You won’t be coming in for a temporary quick-fix or a short-lived boost in confidence. 


This is an event where you will get real down-to-earth practical tools, real solutions and real healing to reset your energy to receive more wealth. Think of it as a day at the spa for you and your business, where you will be treated as the Queen you are.   


In this one-day LIVE event, I will help you raise your vibrations and renew your mind-body-spirit connection so you can transform yourself and your business QUICKLY. As the “Human MRI and Money Magnet Activator,” I have the ability to see and remove your invisible money blocks for good so you can evolve at an alarming rate and manifest money like crazy. 


We will focus on getting you fully aligned with your business so you can live in abundance, with purpose and happiness. If you are having a hard time navigating the complexities of entrepreneurship and desire to enjoy greater success with more ease, then you need to come to UPLEVEL 2020. 


I would love to see you there. 


Please note: If you can not physically attend the event, you will still be able to experience all of healing benefits of the energy work when you participate virtually as this event will be available in our virtual event space. More details to follow after you register. 



“Get CLEAR and FOCUSED to 3x your business”


    Here is the real reason why your business has stalled: 

    Successful business owners like yourself typically live a fast-paced lifestyle where you are constantly running around from one thing to another. You are too focused on what you could have done better in the past and what needs to be done for the future. As a result, you end up losing touch with what is happening in the present moment. Not only is this negatively affecting your health and your family life, but it is sabotaging your success as well. In fact, you could be  making decisions that do not match your reality and its affecting the way you run your business. 


    I can relate because I have been in your shoes. 

    In 2007, my right arm and leg were numb after suffering from a TIA (a sign of a stroke) after the birth of my fourth child. While I was recovering, I had a lot to juggle. I was trying to leave my job at a large HMO, open my own private physical therapy practice, take care of my premature infant and ran 2 board and care facilities for the elderly.

    I was successfully running everything but the STRESS and the extra WORRY were not serving me in any way. I was constantly in a sea of confusion.

    Several years later, I made the leap to build my energy healing practice and the rest was history. Now I live a life where I use my gifts to help business owners from all over the world to live a life of freedom and abundance without ever sacrificing my daily self-care practice of meditation and nature walk routine. 

    All of this happened because I got CLEAR on how I want to live my life and DEFINED what abundance and success truly meant to me. 

    When you are taking care of yourself and your needs, you quickly become aware of what you truly want and what you need to do to quickly get in alignment with your life and your business. Join me at Uplevel 2020 so you can jumpstart your transformation.

    “Within one month of working with Vivian, I brought in half a million dollars in new business, found 5 new clients and even found a new mentor who opened up new ways for me to do business.”

    Steven Kao, Financial Advisor

    After UPLEVEL 2020, You Will:

      • Be CLEAR on what you truly want and how to implement it into your business

      • Be able to identify distractions that are sabotaging your business goals

      • Know how to overcome overthinking and perfectionism

      • Understand how to tap into you full potential to make every project a success

      What You Will Get:

        • A customized 90-day strategy to jumpstart your first quarter of 2020 with your clarified vision, business structure and money container

        • Simple tools to go from Effort to Ease, so you can relax and bring in more money

        • As a BONUS, I will show you how I use the Chinese calendar to plan for SUCCESS. 2020 is the year of the Metal Rat, a time for new beginnings, new opportunities and incoming fortune. Luck and success is coming your way, but you have to a carefully crafted plan ready first

        But don’t worry, we will definitely make sure you have your plan set before you leave UPLEVEL 2020.

        Are you ready for

        UPLEVEL 2020?

        UPLEVEL 2020 is for you if:

        • You are ready to change at lightning speed and transform NOW

          • You are willing to try something new

          • You believe it’s more than possible to build the life of your dreams

          • You are aiming to do whatever it takes to make more money and become more successful with ease and flow

          UPLEVEL 2020 is NOT for you if:

          • You do not like or accept change

          • You deny having emotional baggage and/or insist on holding onto it

          • You do not believe that you deserve success

          • You are not willing to change the course of your life

          Location & Dress Code


          OH Yoga

          7444 E Chapman Ave Unit G

          Orange, CA 92869

          *Virtual ticket also available.


          Dress code

          Wear yoga pants/outfit for exercise. Dress as comfortably as you can so that you can lie down or sit up and participate with ease.

          "If UPLEVEL 2020 is calling you, you are being called. This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss."

          Purchase Your Ticket

          All tickets below include the following digital bonuses:

          • CLARIFY your TRUE NORTH video (this will help them Clarify their Values and what's truly important to them so that what activities they do in their business will be in alignment with their soul purpose)
          • How to GET RESULTS Efficiently (Practical tools to help with decision-making)
          • How to MAKE DECISIONS Effectively (Using Muscle Testing)
          • Get out of Procrastination Exercise MP3 (Stop Procrastinating and Start Doing)

          ***RECOMMENDATION: Watch these video bonuses prior to the actual event to jumpstart your success!

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          One Day All-Access Pass

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          1:1 CLARITY SESSION with Vivian reading and clearing blockages in chakras and auras/energetic boundaries and how the business is affected by it

          HOT SEAT Energy Clearing during the event

          VIP INSIGHT LUNCH with Vivian to ask any questions related to your personal or business life

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          Your 2020 Breakthrough!

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